Creating a Colorful Confetti Sprinkles Extravaganza with

January 09, 2024 3 min read

Creating a Colorful Confetti Sprinkles Extravaganza with

Are you looking to host a vibrant and fun kids' birthday party? Look no further than, your one-stop-shop for all things party-related! We've got an exciting range of Confetti Sprinkles party supplies, decorations, and costume items that are sure to bring a burst of color and joy to your celebration. Let's dive into some creative ideas on how to use these fantastic products to throw an unforgettable party.

Confetti Sprinkles Dinner Plates (96/Case)

Start your party preparations with these Confetti Sprinkles Dinner Plates. These 9" plates feature a playful confetti border and a "Happy Birthday" message in the center. Perfect for serving up delicious birthday meals and snacks, they are made of heavyweight paperboard, ensuring durability. With 96 plates per case, you'll have enough to cater to all your young party guests.

Confetti Sprinkles Dessert Plates (96/Case)

Complement your dinner plates with these delightful Confetti Sprinkles Dessert Plates. These 7" plates also boast the cheerful confetti design and come in packs of 96. They're perfect for serving up slices of cake, cupcakes, or any sweet treats your little ones crave.

Confetti Sprinkles Birthday Luncheon Napkins (192/Case)

Don't forget the essential napkins for your party! These Confetti Sprinkles Birthday Luncheon Napkins are just the thing you need. With 192 napkins per case, each featuring a "Happy Birthday" message surrounded by colorful confetti, they add a special touch to your party.

Confetti Sprinkles Beverage Napkins (192/Case)

For smaller spills and messes, keep these handy Confetti Sprinkles Beverage Napkins nearby. With 192 napkins in each case, these 2-ply tissue napkins are the perfect addition to your party table.

Confetti Sprinkles 9 oz Cups (96/Case)

Serve up your choice of beverages in these charming Confetti Sprinkles 9 oz Cups. These cups come in a pack of 96, making them ideal for any party size. Their confetti pattern is sure to delight kids of all ages.

Confetti Sprinkles Plastic Table Covers (6/Case)

Set the stage for your party with these vibrant Confetti Sprinkles Plastic Table Covers. Each case contains six 54" x 102" table covers, making it easy to decorate multiple tables with this cheerful design. They're made of medium-weight plastic, ensuring they can withstand the party excitement.

Confetti Sprinkles Party Hats (48/Case)

Make your little guests feel extra special with these Confetti Sprinkles Party Hats. Each case contains 48 hats, perfect for every child attending the party. These festive hats feature vibrant confetti designs, and you can fill them with small party favors to send home as a memorable thank-you.

Confetti Sprinkles Party Banners (12/Case)

Welcome your young partygoers with this eye-catching Confetti Sprinkles Party Banner. Stretching at 7" x 120", it's made of medium-weight paperboard and spells out "Happy Birthday" in black lettering. With 12 banners in each case, you can easily decorate your entire party space.

Confetti Sprinkles Mylar Balloons (10/Case)

Add an extra touch of excitement with these Confetti Sprinkles Mylar Balloons. This 10-pack of 18" balloons is made of high-quality Mylar and features a cheerful confetti border with a "Happy Birthday" message. Create a balloon bouquet to elevate the festive atmosphere of your party.

Confetti Sprinkles Dizzy Danglers (30/Case)

Bring your party to life with these captivating Confetti Sprinkles Dizzy Danglers. Hang them up to add a fun and festive touch to your kid's birthday party. Each case includes 30 danglers, ensuring you can decorate a large space with ease.

Confetti Sprinkles Centerpieces (6/Case)

Complete your party decor with these charming Confetti Sprinkles Centerpieces. Each package contains one centerpiece, and with six packages per case, you'll have plenty to adorn your tables. These 12" x 9" centerpieces feature a round honeycomb base with a "Happy Birthday" cutout on top, adding an extra layer of cheer to your celebration.

Confetti Sprinkles Treat Cups (72/Case)

Finally, don't forget to provide your guests with these convenient Confetti Sprinkles Treat Cups. With 72 cups per case, each 2.5" x 3.5" cup comes in a package of 6. They're perfect for serving snacks, candies, or small party favors.

With all these amazing Confetti Sprinkles party supplies, decorations, and costume items from, you're well on your way to hosting the ultimate kids' birthday party. Embrace the colorful and joyful atmosphere these products create, and make lasting memories with your little ones and their friends. Happy party planning!

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