Step Up to the Plate with Baseball Party Decorations from!

January 22, 2024 4 min read

Step Up to the Plate with Baseball Party Decorations from!

Are you ready to hit a home run with your next party? If you're a fan of America's favorite pastime, why not celebrate your love for baseball with an exciting baseball-themed party? Whether it's a birthday bash, a team celebration, or just a fun get-together with friends, has got you covered with a fantastic selection of baseball party supplies, decorations, and costume items. Let's dive into the world of baseball party planning and explore some fantastic ideas to make your event a grand slam!

Baseball Deluxe Danglers (12/Case)

Baseball Deluxe Danglers from are the perfect way to kick off your baseball-themed party. These 36" decorations feature silver foil swirls with cutouts of baseballs attached at the ends. With 12 danglers per case, you'll have plenty to create an immersive baseball atmosphere. Hang them from the ceiling to make your venue feel like a ballpark, or use them as table centerpieces for a unique twist.

Baseball Centerpieces (6/Case)

To take your party decor up a notch, check out these Baseball Centerpieces by This set includes heavyweight paperboard and plastic pieces with baseball cutouts at the top and cascading foil strips with baseballs and stars at the bottom. With two sides featuring grass and a baseball and two sides with grass, these centerpieces offer versatile options for table decoration. They're perfect for adding a festive touch to your sports-themed party.

Baseball 9 oz Cups (96/Case)

Every good party needs refreshments, and what better way to serve them than in Baseball 9 oz Cups by! These heavy-weight paperboard cups feature a baseball design on a grass background, making them a great fit for your baseball-themed gathering. With 96 cups in each case, you won't run out, and the 9 oz capacity is ideal for both hot and cold beverages.

Baseball Dessert Plates (96/Case)

Delight your guests with delicious treats served on these Baseball Dessert Plates from With 96 plates in each case, you'll have plenty to go around. These 7" plates feature a full picture of a baseball, adding a fun and sporty touch to your party. They're made of heavyweight paperboard, ensuring they can handle all your favorite party snacks and desserts.

Baseball Dinner Plates (96/Case)

For the main course, consider using the Baseball Dinner Plates by These 9" round plates are made from heavyweight paperboard, making them durable enough to handle a hearty meal. The design features a baseball on the grass of a baseball field, perfect for serving up a delicious feast at your sports-themed party.

Baseball Luncheon Napkins (216/Case)

No party is complete without napkins, and the Baseball Luncheon Napkins from are a must-have for any sports fan's celebration. These 2-ply tissue napkins are strong and absorbent, perfect for keeping things tidy while you enjoy your party snacks. With a classic baseball design, including a baseball sitting on grass, they are an excellent addition to your sports party supplies.

Now that you've got your baseball-themed party supplies sorted, let's dive into some creative ideas for using these fantastic products to throw a memorable baseball party!

1. Decorate with Baseball Deluxe Danglers: Hang the Baseball Deluxe Danglers throughout your party space to create a dynamic and festive atmosphere. These danglers will sway gently, adding movement and excitement to the room. They're perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties, so you can celebrate your love for baseball no matter where you are.

2. Set the Table with Baseball Centerpieces: Use the Baseball Centerpieces to create eye-catching table settings. Place them at the center of each dining table to give your guests a taste of the baseball spirit. The cascading foil strips will catch the light and create a dazzling effect.

3. Serve Refreshing Drinks in Baseball 9 oz Cups: Fill the Baseball 9 oz Cups with your favorite beverages, whether it's classic soda or homemade lemonade. These cups are not only practical but also tie in seamlessly with your baseball theme. You can even add baseball-themed straws or stirrers for an extra touch.

4. Display Delicious Treats on Baseball Dessert Plates: Showcase your party snacks and desserts on the Baseball Dessert Plates. From cupcakes with baseball-themed toppers to baseball-shaped cookies, your guests will love indulging in these sweet treats on baseball-themed plates.

5. Enjoy a Hearty Meal on Baseball Dinner Plates: When it's time for the main course, serve your favorite dishes on the Baseball Dinner Plates. Whether you're grilling burgers or dishing up hotdogs, these plates will enhance the dining experience. They're not just plates; they're a part of the party decor!

6. Keep Things Clean with Baseball Luncheon Napkins: With all the delicious food and drinks, you'll want to have the Baseball Luncheon Napkins on hand. These napkins not only serve a practical purpose but also add to the overall theme of your party. They're perfect for wiping away crumbs and spills while keeping your guests in the baseball spirit.

By incorporating these baseball-themed party supplies and decorations into your event, you'll create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just gathering with friends and family, the love for baseball will bring everyone together. So, step up to the plate and make your next party a home run with's baseball party supplies! With our discount pricing on bulk quantities, you can throw the ultimate baseball-themed bash without breaking the bank. Get ready to hit it out of the park!

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